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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 16, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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7:00 here in boston, 6:00 central time. yesterday the dow took a big hit after the announcing of the bombing around 3:00, and today, a nice comeback. another little silver lining as the heroes emerge in boston. good afternoon. >> neil: welcome. a day after that bombing in boston, now heightened alerts across the globe. in london, preparing for their own marathon on sunday, beefing up security in paris, monuments are under extra guard and there is a red alert. in rome, where the premiere sent a message to president obama condemning what he called the cowardly bombings in america. in rio de janeiro, where they're getting ready for the him glikes 2016, cracking down on anyone who looks out of place
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today. police seemingly everywhere in new york city. extra security for the dodgers game in los angeles in washington in las vegas, atlanta, chicago, no matter where you look, cities and the whole country is on the lookout, here, and there, and we got you covered everywhere. with amy kellogg in a nervous london, and eric in times square, and sheryl outside fortress wall street, and rick leventhal in an anxious boston. we start with rick. >> a number of developments this afternoon, including a boston globe report that investigators found a circuit board believed to have triggered the bombs. they were made with pressure cookers, a style of explosive device found in afghanistan and
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pakistan. we learned that the saudi national who was tackled running from the scene, whose apartment was searched, has been cleared as a possible suspect, and they have re-opened part of boylston street as the shrink the crime scene and focus their efforts on the bomb site. we know investigators and atf and fbi are documenting every inch of payment, collecting every shred of possible evidence and they're asking for the puck's help to provide video or pictures taken near the finish line. it's call the most complex crime scene in the history of the city and the police are asking for breathing room. >> we want you to be vigilant. there's no reason not to come into the city. but we do have a threat and we're working diligently to try to reduce that threat. we want you to go about your business. give us a little room in the area. >> we're hearing from the runners who survived the blast,
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shocked and saddened by this horrific turn of events, and we heard phloem race organizer who was assigned to the finish line and was less than 50 feet from where the first bomb went off. >> this blast occurred, which shocked me, and it knocked me to my left, and i thought i was going to good down but i didn't. and there was a runner getting knocked down, and i tried to assist him. all of a sudden, medical people and police came and they were ripping down the barricades and to get to the bodies on the ground in front of the store. reporter: doctors confirmed that nails and ball bearings were packed into those bombs to spread the carnage. the only good news was that all the survivors, at least at massachusetts general hospital, are believed to pull through. >> neil: good news there, rick. thank you very much. now to amy kellogg in london where surety -- security is major concern ahead of a marathon of their own on sunday.
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>> even though we don't know who carried out the attacks on the marathon or why, much of the rest of the world is reacting, beefing up, or at the very least, examining their own security situations in the wake of the attacks in boston, and london has its own marathon this sunday. police said there will be stepped up searches and more officers on the street, and security has been reviewed for the funeral of former prime minister margaret thatcher, a ceremonial funeral and military honors and the casket was moved to the chap until the palace of westminster, and condolences pour in from around the world, and flowers went up outside the u.s. embassy in russia. and world leaders chimed in, this comment summed up the mood. >> australia unreservedly condemns these brutal and senseless attacks on what is a great event, known around the
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world, and many people participating to have fun as their families and friends watch on. reporter: neil, the marathon will begin here on sunday with a moment of silence, and the runners are being encouraged to wear black ribbons in memory of boston. neil? >> neil: thank you, amy. now to jeff on a very tight security situation in chicago. jeff, what's the latest there? >> i stand in front of perhaps one of the most high profile targets in the u.s. the tallest completed building in the u.s. we have a camera to show you the sears tower. now the willis tower, and one target that was completely shut down after 9/11. good news is that has not happened here. we also have live picture on the edge of the district? chicago, the statue on the chicago board of trade building. also good news to report there that not a lot of heavy security
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visible there, and of course, as terrorists tend to focus on the centers and the symbols of commerce, good to see that perhaps nothing has taken place here yet. i can tell you, though, that at the train station, union station and the other places where commuters come together, a lot of more intense security there as yet large crowds out in front of those places. that's the latest from chicago, neil. >> neil: thank you very meche. -- very much. we're about 20 minutes away from an update by doctors at the boston medical center where 19 of the more critically injured victims are being treated. as soon as that conference begins we'll tack you -- take you there live. in the meantime, the doctor was running in the boston marathon when the explosion first came. immediately began tending to the wounded, and, doctor, i understand that was a fairly ugly moment.
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maybe you can tell us what you were dealing with. >> well, when the explosion first went off i don't think any of the runners thought there was anything completely wrong, and maybe something malfunctioned, but i think when the second explosion went off, everyone knew that ms. wag d -- new that something was wrong so spectators and runners were running away from where the explosioned had gone off. i actually ran towards them. as a physician and knowing that it's sort of what we sign up for, we're always on duty and i have to say, honestly, because my family was over there and i was worried they might be injured. >> neil: what kind of injuries were you seeing, doctor? >> i did not see any injuries that were mild or moderate. the only things i really saw that i can really put together
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in the blur that i can remember is lots of traumatic amputations and people in a lot of pain. >> neil: we're getting different reports, doctor, that some were runners or spectators, there is was mass confusion, when you were trying to help, anyone and everyone needed your help but how many people do you think in the end you were tending to? >> i only helped a couple of people but in terms of how many injured there were, it had to be in the -- in the immediate area, 50, 60, between the two bomb spots. >> neil: amazing. doctor, i'm sure -- you sound like a modest guy. press accounts of you, i'm sure you saved a lot of lives or prevent what could have been even more distressing injuries. thank you, doctor, for taking the time. >> sure, thanks. >> neil: i want to update you on something going on.
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american airlines has been grounding all of its planes until 5:00 p.m. eastern time. nothing to do with any terror related activities. a computer problem. this is the scene at dallas-fort worth but all american airlines planes have been ground for a few hours now, and will presumably resume flight at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. so if you're traveling on american, you're going have to wait. back to what happened in boston yesterday. a lot of this is about sort of piecing together a lot of clues, a lot of videos, a lot of pictures, at that time a lot of people took. rod wheeler, the former washington, dc homicide detective and said this is the information that becomes very valuable, and i would -- we're getting quite a bit in from people's cell phones, from some
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runners themselves who had it on their helmets or what have you. what are you looking for? what do authorities look for? different angles on the same scene? what in. >> there's a lot of things that the police will look for, and that they can use in terms of video and still photos from individuals that was out there at the run. now, the thing here that people need to understand is that it's not just at the moment, neil, in which the bomb went off. that's not the information we need. we need information about half an hour to 45 minutes leading up to the explosion. so, some people may be looking at this and saying, they got what they need. not necessarily so. that includes video, that includes sti if the person who took the video can remember or recall the time at which they actually took the picture, and the position at which they were standing, as well, send that information to the police department because they can use that as well, neil. >> neil: what's interesting, too, is that a lot of times you
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get the crucial piece of information from just average folks, and i'm predating, i think you and me here to go back to the ysk ysk -- jfk assassination when a guy named zapruder got the only shot, the crucial shot of the assassination of the president. or i can go on to what we have since seen in madrid and london and the bombings there a lot of those provided via folks' average cell phones. a lot of time folks who have this stuff don't realize what they have. right? you're exactly right. and people hear these stories and day say the police have enough information i'm sure. not necessarily. so that little piece of information that you may have on your cell phone camera, could be the missing piece of the puzzle we need. so it's very important that any citizens out there yesterday in boston, whatever video they have, but again, it's equally
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important they jot down the approximation time they took the video. the police have engaged the foreign sick laboratory to -- forensic laboratory, and make a copy of the video for yourself and send that copy to the police department. >> neil: you were mentioning trying to get video or images from a half our hour or more before the attacks so your looking for the perpetrator or perpetrators planning those attacks, but even on that it would be tough. are you looking for suspicious characters? >> here's what we can do. we have a way of stitching together a lot of different video from a lot of different video sources and typically it's a half hour to 45 minutes prior to the time that the explosion went off that this individual or individuals planted these bombs. we also know that the bombs probably wasn't there earlier in
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the day. so, again, the time leading up about an hour leading up to what the explosions went off is critical, and a half hour after the explosions went off, that could be equally as critical as well because we may see someone in videos that maybe walked up to the scene a little before the explosions went off, and then was immediately seen leaving the scene. so any video or still photo, send that into the police because that could be the missing piece of the puzzle we need in solving this case, neil. >> neil: good words, rod wheeler, thank you very much. >> sure. >> neil: what is the intel community hearing? the intelligence folks on top of a lot more than you and i are or probably ever will be. we'll hear from one of those next. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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injured. 17 of whom critically. so we're going to be getting an update shortly from the massachusetts medical officials on the status of some of those critically injured. in the meantime, who might have organized this, with republican jimmy richey. good to have you. i'm sure you're putting and piecing these dots together, as are your colleagues. anything you can share with us? >> well, you know, neil, i've been in a number of classified briefings today. ordinarily i come out with a treasure trove of information i can't tell you. that isn't the situation today. today almost all of the information is what we call open source, things you have access to. what we have been doing is talking about, as you say, who did this, why they did this, and what didn't happen and what we don't know is in that analysis, as important as some of the facts we do know. for instance, generally, if it
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is a foreign organization who committed a terrorist act here, they're very quick to step forward and take responsibility for it. for a lot of different reasons. number one, gets their message out. number two they use it for recruiting. that did not happen here. that's not also the case but most likely the case. if you look at the reverse side of that, if it is a lone wolf type of an attack, or if it's an attack from some deranged american person, they generally do not come forward and take credit for it, and of course that's what happened. no one has come forward. so this is much more reminiscent of the event in 1996 at the atlanta olympics, where a gentleman exploded a bomb inside a backpack. it took seven years to catch him. in the meantime, security guard the was wrongfully accused. a lot of chaos surrounding it.
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>> neil: you know, this pressure cooker use, a lot of these explosives were contained in pressure cooker type devices hidden in backpacks. very analogous to the type of devices we are told were used in afghanistan and pakistan. so that once again raised the issue, they almost have to have been foreign born. but as you pointed out in the atlanta case, not always. and i think in the times square case it was a similar type weapon that was averted in new york, and in fact there was a taliban group that claimed responsibility for that. no such responsibility claim this time. what are we to make of that? >> first of all you're absolutely right. the pressure cooker device is commonly used in afghanistan and pakistan and india. they've used those for ieds. but that's because it is a cooking utensil that is readily
1:20 pm
available in those countries. not so much here. but having said that, you can offset that against the fact that if you go on the internet to learn how to build a bomb, pressure cookers are one of the ways commonly put out on the internet as a way to make a bomb, and pressure cookers can be obtained here relatively easily and without usually raising much alarm in people's eyes. so, those two offset each other, and i don't think you can necessarily say that because it was pressure cooker, therefore someone from that region is a person that is responsible. it's just too common on the internet. >> neil: senator, thank you very much. we want to know the cities nationwide are ramping up security right now post these boston bombings. are they ready for the unthinkable? we'll have the latest from times square as well.
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>> neil: boston, new york, washington, newark airport, new jersey, just a few of the areas on very high alert after these deadly attacks. a lot of americans on edge. eric shawn in new york city's times jail. as soon as i came in this morning and look at all the blue uniforms i knew something was up. >> the police seem to be everywhere, and along with their presence the underlying awareness. now, of what we could face. officials in new york city hall and other city halls across the country say they know of no
1:25 pm
specific threat against their cities. the security is heightened. in new york there are line of anti-terrorism network that include street package that can spot a lone package on a sidewalk, radiation detectors, bomb-sniffing dogs have been deployed looking at garbage cans inch philadelphia, increased patrol around government buildings and sporting events inch chicago there are more cops at the blackhawks game. insuring city mayor michael bloomberg says every city is a potential target. >> atit's tragic we had this reminder, and we don't need these reminders, it would be easier if we just did pay attention, about if yesterday doesn't refresh your memory i don't know what would. reporter: it's been 30 years since new york city suffered a similar deadly street bombing like the one in boston yesterday. in the 7s and 80s it was at
1:26 pm
the fal and other groups that conducted various explosive devices, killing about 15 people , including that horrible 1975 bombing near wall street that killed four. >> neil: man, i'd almost forgotten those. thank you very much. >> americans are now clearly living in fear and usually goes something like this. where we the next bomb go off? can it we prevented in eric is a terror analyst. as soon as folks see the illinoiss they -- images they have been seeing on tv think start thinking, not only there but for the grace of god go i but how long will i be lucky? how do you look at this? >> janet napolitano says she things this is not part of a broader movement. >> neil: how would see know that? >> she is privy to a lot of intelligence we don't have. but it's very tough to say.
1:27 pm
this attack to me had some of the hallmarks of the islamic terror attacks we had multibell bombings, in the bombs we had nails, ball bearings, designed to cause maximum carnage. we don't know who is behind it yet but right now some over hallmarks -- another thing, with the antigovernment extremists. we heard a lot of that yesterday from commentators. you would think they would target a government building, federal building, irs building, government facility, the kind of indiscriminate terror we say yesterday, women and children, an eight-year-old killed, this is hall mark of islamic style attacks which means, these guys follow up and you're talking about no claim of responsibility? that is very interesting. perhaps whoever did it, didn't issue a claim of responsibility because there's more in the
1:28 pm
works forbid. >> neil: in the case of the oklahoma city bombing, that was done by an american, terry nichols, he claimed no immediate responsibility. so i guess i have tough time distinguishing -- i guess in the scheme of things, a bad guy is a bad guy, whether home grown or not but is there any telltale sign you look for to try to distinguish whether that is something grown here or elsewhere? >> i think the main thing here will be, is there an overseas link? did these guys, whoever was behind it, someone who trained in pakistan? >> neil: what does your gut tell you? >> my gut tells me this is an islamic terror attack. i may be wrong. i can't say that conclusively here. but my gut, based on the patterns, the multiple bombs two bombs going off. number two, the nails, the ball
1:29 pm
bearings, inside these bombs. hallmark of hamas, and'm number three, the indiscriminate nature, at a joyous event, patriots day in boston, boston marathon. we know that al qaeda has talked about hitting sporting eventss and the pressure cookers involved, and al qaeda magazine -- called "inspire magazine" who years ago had an article that laid out how to build a homemade bomb and pressure cookers were one of the materials they suggested. so right now my gut is leaning in that direction. we don't have all the facts yet. >> neil: thank you, eric. very, very much. if this was a cause of great alarm, certainly a funny way of showing it, although we didn't recoup all the 265-point points we saw yesterday, we got a good of it back. but on fortress wall street
1:30 pm
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>> neil: we told you today about what was going on at the corner of wall and broad, where it's usually a fortress anyway down there but they were really checking closely. just getting around there, a
1:34 pm
tight fit. sheryl of the fox business network outside the new york stock exchange right now. rough day on wall street but emotional day on wall street. how is it done there? >> it was an emotional day here on wall street, especially for most of the traders, many of whom were here in september of 2001, and since there -- since then there have been 16 known terror plots foiled. and in particular down here in the financial district of manhattan. in 2006, targets were financial targets in new york city. and that was the citigroup building in manhattan, the presume building, the new york stock exchange, and today there was a moment of silence before
1:35 pm
the exchange started, and we got a moment to walk around the fortress to ask new yorkers feel safe? >> the nypd knows exactly what it's doing. we haven't had an attack here since 9/11. >> as new yorkers we're accustomed 0 these things. we have to go about our business and not let these keen of people affect our daily lives and just hope for the best. it's not much we can do. reporter: shortly after the attacks, of course, at the boston marathon in boston, the mayor of new york city coming out and saying the city is on high alert. there was an update this update from the mayor, that new york will continue to be on alert. whether it's the stock exchange or world trade center, all of these sites will be under height
1:36 pm
heightened security until further notice. >> neil: thank you very much. 'm a lot of times, people say, who cares about market, cavuto. we don't care. i use that as a barometer for how folks are feeling or, and the fact they stabilized today, very different than when they re-opened after 9/11, different tragedy, obviously, by a number of dimensions. what too you make of that? >> the fact at that time all of the indexes were up. this is a very positive day for wall street. this is a terrorism related story, neil, because -- look, we don't know for sure whether this was an act of terrorism but sure looks like one, and if it is we know from experience it wasn't just to terrorize people in boston but to terrorize the american economy to terrorist
1:37 pm
investors and wall street, and the really good news, the thing to feel happy about today is it looks like the perpetrators of this act, if that was their intention, it failed because this was quite a bold rally we saw today. >> neil: you know, without getting too caught up in the weeds here, steve, though, a lot of them were running back to gold today. not in droves but that tends to be in case everything is hitting the fan, pick up some gold. so obviously the world on tender hooks. >> i think that jump up in the gold price is a little bit of fear factor. no question. gold is always the refuge of the people who are afraid with their money. but let's not forget that gold even with the bumpup today is still at a lower level than in many months. so, gold hasn't been that good of an investment. i felt very upbeat today. i was worried that we'd see a big market selloff because as you said, when we had 9/11, we
1:38 pm
remembered the days and weeks after that. it was a massive selloff, and people were terrorized, and i'm just glad that people have kind of gone -- yeah, we're on high alert but mott terrorized and wall street reflects that. >> neil: we're going to take a quick break and up date you on the press con friday from the -- press conference that the injured are expected to be okay. several lost both legs but all expected to survive, and a couple of those folks woke up this morning and were just glad to be alive. count your blessings. that's what life is about. a survivor of this after this. ♪
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>> neil: this is some of the new footage that we're getting in today. this is just after the mid-stream runners just crossed after the first explosion went off. you wonder what would it have been like too have been there, feet from there. my next guest was. with his wife and -- he works in new york city but had member running in the race, but he is
1:43 pm
okay and his friends are okay. wife is okay. child is okay. i'm happy to hear all of the above. where were you at the time? >> we were directly across the street, inside the lenox hotel, and there was a hospitality suite. >> neil: how far from the first explosion. >> you could have thrown a quarter across the street. probably 40 yards tops as the crow flies diagonal across the street. >> neil: why were you there? you were at the finish line for a while. >> we were trying to find our betts friend and his wife, who had just crossed, and the crowds were so thick that we kind of uncharacteristically decided to turn back and go inside the hotel because we cooperate find -- couldn't find them and our friend's foundation was there and provided what we thought a great vantage point of the race and turned out to be quite a vantage opinion for the bombings. >> neil: you saw where the
1:44 pm
explosion went off. were you standing right in front of where that happened? >> we were -- i was sitting in front of a window. my wife was standing. i was on the phone with my friend who just finished with when at the first blast went off and i was catapulted from my chair, and i looked at my wife and her mouth was open and smoke was billowing, and then we heard the second blast and that's when we knew it was coordinated. >> neil: the second blast, like in new york when the second plane hit the tower, confirmed this wasn't a fluke. >> absolutely. >> neil: i apologize. when you were outside with your wife and child, you were right near on the same side of the street where the bomb went off. >> we were just on the opposite side of the street. directly across from where the bomb went off, which is probably 15 yards. >> neil: we have some stills you shot on location. what are we looking at? >> these are shots from when we
1:45 pm
were -- that's actually the shot from the room where we saw the blast. you can see the store that was blown out was right there. these are shops as we were evacuated from the lenox hotel. that is my wife and son just 20 minutes before -- >> neil: how was he? >> he was amazing. four months old. there was pandemonium, we're told, and an argument that the intent of the bomb was to inflict a lot more damage than it did. you were telling me it wouldn't have mattered whether it was earlier or later, roughly the same number of people or the same crowds were there throughout. right? >> they were. and there were far more runners when we were there -- when the bombs went off as opposed to when the leaders came through, and if their intent was to create pandemonium and fear, i do think they failed because what we recognized from the
1:46 pm
window was how amazing the first responders were, and where i think that human nature would lead you to believe you want to run from something like that we saw countless people running to the blast as opposed to from it. >> neil: kind of rings an echo to where you live in downtown new york. >> very similar. you have something to tell your kids and grandkids and great-grandkids beside. my best to your wife and son. >> thank you very much. >> neil: a lot for a young guy to go through but he survived and your buddy survived. we're getting some new details about those bombs and what happened, and how quickly it all happened, and why that might have been by design. in fact within seconds. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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>> neil: we told you about american airlines grounding all of its planes for the better part of the day. now american airlines is saying its systems have been fully restored. the planes will be night -- flying soon but you can expect delays or cancellations. so the good news is the applicances are flying. the potential bad news, might not be yours. in the meantime, we're trying to get an indication here of what they're trying to piece together from the evidence they've got and from the shrapnel. a retired fbi bomb technician joins us on the phone kevin, there's some evidence to suggest this is not foreign-born and the type of instruments used do not
1:51 pm
echo that of al qaeda or those elements, taliban. others say it's quite the opposite, it does. i'm not sure of what you have heard and gleaned, what do you think? >> everything i learn is through the media. i'm only two months retired from the bureau and i'm not about to contact my friends in boston -- i know all of them -- but from what i understand it's now a possibility of a pressure cooker being used, and all the pressure cooker is used for in this instance is to contain the explosives. it's contains the explosive shot itself. there's a possibility that explosives were used in both devices, and if that is the case, those explosives require some sort of container for the explosion to function as designed, and it may be that this person or persons unknown,
1:52 pm
just happened to have a pressure cooker in their residence or whatever and happened to use it. but it is true that while it's very rare here -- i've not heard of a pressure cooker being used in any devices in my 30 years of doing this. they are used in certain locations overseas. that's true. >> neil: i thought about it through the pressure cooker thing because something similar was used in the times square attempted attack, something like that, hidden in a knapsack, and very quickly, the taliban out of pakistan had claimed responsibility for an attack that simply never went off. this time no one appears too be claiming responsibility, at least broad, or for that matter, chattering about it broad. what too you make of that? >> that's not unheard of. most people think that any group responsible for bombing will brag about it. in the old days, that's true.
1:53 pm
the sra used to claim credit for bombings, but lately lone wolves don't really claim credit. they will just melt away and hopefully never be heard from. they're not. the mad bomber in the 40s never claimed credit for his bombings. >> neil: you're assuming a lone wolf here. >> well, exactly. if it's the lone wolf, they won't been claim credit for it. >> neil: kevin miles, thank you very much. lone wolf or no, it has an impact, opportunity -- impant on all of us. before students were flocking to bioengineering courses... before the birthplace of california became the cradle of 750 clean-tech companies...
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some researchers, entrepreneurs, and bankers shared a vision that helped foster an industry. that's the power of connecting minds and technology to fuel a nation's future. that's bank of america.
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1:58 pm
whatever your ptsd may be, the earlier we get to whatever your anxiety is, the better that you will be as far as the ptsd, post-traumatic stress disorder. >> neil: so say you are in wyoming, you not going out? >> i would advise you to go out and you are reacting to a fear. >> neil: what do they get off their chest? >> they say look, life is becoming uncertain. this has happened in boston. we don't think it's going to happen here. but it is scaring us and our children. that is why it's important to discuss it. more than anything else, you have to move on with your life because that fear turns into a phobia and then a phobia means you are spending more time at home. it's important to move on with your life. >> neil: do you think a lot of folks after 9/11, we haven't
1:59 pm
been hit and avoided a lot of close ones. they see london and madrid, they say, it's happened over there. we're safe here. now, we're reminded maybe not and reinforces their pair nows? >> it doesn't mean you are crazy. we have been lucky in many parts of the united states we haven't been hit. reality is this is the way the world is. there are uncertainties in life. >> neil: what do you tell kids? >> there are uncertainties in life but they are safe. we will do the best we can but most importantly teach them empowerment strategies. f you see something, say something. not just focusing on the anxiety and fear but more than anything else becoming empowered to look into your environment and what we're seeing from boston, heroes is comi


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